How to reduce chances of getting FLU this winter

Have you noticed how people look at you when you sneeze? You don’t even get a “Bless You” anymore. With Corona, people are scared of anyone with flu. When Mama passed on in January 2015, I suffered from a bout of flu that saw me going to the doctor three times and getting antibiotics and just not getting well. He even tested me for TB and the test came back negative. I would cough badly each time I tried to speak. People used to look at me pitifully which just caused me to cry endlessly. In the end, someone gave me this recipe for a flu concoction and I hope it is going to help you too

  • Fresh lemons – if you have a blender, cut them into small pieces and put in a blender. Do NOT remove the skin
  • Fresh ginger – also cut into small pieces and put into a blender
  • Fresh garlic, if you can get one from a fruit & veg that is already chopped, that would be easiest
  • Honey
  • Cinnamon

How to prepare the concoction

  • Boil water
  • Put a teaspoon of honey inside a cup and sprinkle a little bit of cinnamon. You can skip this if you are diabetic or don’t want sugar
  • Pour boiling water
  • Add a spoon of lemon – be easy on this as my dentist said lemon is not good for teeth but I had to ignore him
  • Add a spoon of ginger – remember a ginger can give you a runny tummy so be easy on this too but if you suffer from constipation, then pour lots
  • If you are really fluish, definitely add a teaspoon of garlic. It smells ugly but it will dry up any nasal drip and all that stuff

I have been drinking this concoction since then and I am confident to say that I don’t get flu as easily as I used to. I no longer have to keep stacks of over the counter flu medicines anymore. When it is really cold, I drink this in the morning and also at night. Sipping a cup of boiling water throughout the day will also help you keep the flu at bay.
I continue to ask your help with donations for flu masks. We have been lucky to identify a group of women in Alexandra township that will be sewing masks for Alexandra pensioners, and others who need them. We need your donations to raise more funds to buy enough materials as it is best that the masks are layered. You can also donate cotton material, elastic bands and even sewing machines if you have a sewing machine that you are not using.

Total donations for face masks as at Wednesday 8 April is R10 670 and 50 masks received so far. Current balance is R9 570

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