Will you donate or sell material for Face Masks to us?

I am so happy to inform you that your donations of over R10 000 have enabled us to work with pensioners of Alexandra Township. They will be sewing face masks for other pensioners, the sick, and others who need them but cannot afford to buy them.  We will also be selling the masks so that this becomes a self – sustainable project.
We need your help as follows;

  • If you have material to donate or to sell to us, this will be much appreciated. We need lots of cotton material to sew as many masks as possible. We want the masks to have 3 layers so that those wearing them are highly protected so we need lots of material. With the lockdown, we can’t buy the materials. We also need elastic bands.
  • If you have an industrial sewing machine to sell or donate, please do so as we want to sew as many face masks per day as possible
  • If you are able to donate cash, that is also most welcome

Some of the Alex pensioners that will be sewing face masks. They are part of the NPO

Siyondla Umphakathi is founded by Xoliswa Mvumvu, and is Non-Profit Organisation which extends a helping hand to the underprivileged school children in Alexandra township and in existence for just over 8 years. The organisation also provides social activities for the elderly.
Our principal goal is to improve the social and economic status of the people of this community.
Behind the understated success of the organisation is its founder, committee members and volunteers from the community.
Siyondla continues to strive to expand its programs and offerings to the community, but relies heavily on the generosity of individuals and businesses for sponsorship and donations.

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