How Covid – 19 is affecting your investments : Radio Interview I have been receiving emails and phone calls from some of my customers who opened investments with us. They are concerned because their investment values have reduced since the junk status. In this interview I share with you why your investments have declined and most importantly what to do about it.
Key principles to remember about investing are;

  1. What goes up shall come down and vice versa so hang in there, your investments will recover and increase in time
  2. You buy low and you sell high so actually, this is the time to invest because you would be buying good investments at a discount at the moment
  3. The decline in investment values is temporary so don’t make it permanent by cashing in your investments.
  4. Cash is not king when it comes to investments, especially at times like this because the MPC has reduced interest rates so your returns are lower on your money market investments
  5. One active manager is repatriating funds from offshore to invest locally because they believe SA shares are now trading at very attractive valuations due to the disproportionate sell of SA shares relative to global assets

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