How to cope with a salary cut Many companies are requiring their employees to take a salary cuts at this time. We have also just been notified that Eskom will be increasing electricity tariffs. So most of us have to cope with less money.
In this radio interview, you will get tips on how to reduce your expenses and possibly increase your income
Some of the topics addressed are:

  • Reducing travelling costs
  • Reducing insurance costs
  • How to deal with your debts & your creditors
  • Paying private school fees
  • Gym membership fees
  • Nice-to-haves in your budget
  • Home rentals
  • Should you consolidate your debts?
  • Should you go under debt review?

For more information on how to reduce your expenses, read pages 51 to 55 of my book From Debt to Riches

Whatever you do, do your level best to keep your life cover in place because the reality of death is here for all of us

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