Can your family afford to lose you? Take a 3-month premium relief on your life cover, if you must  At no time in our lifetime has the possibility of death become so real for all of us.  The sad reality is that Covid – 19 is also destroying livelihoods with retrenchments and salary cuts. As difficult as things are, do whatever you can to ensure that you do not let your life cover and your funeral policies lapse. Imagine if you let these policies lapse and you pass on leaving your family out of pocket because your life cove is no longer in place. Insurance companies are offering Covid – 19 Premium Reliebut speak to your financial advisor to understand the terms and conditions
In this podcast Phumelele addresses;

  • Why life cover is important especially now that we have Covid – 19
  • Will your home & car be repossessed when you pass on?
  • Fees and Taxes that must be paid when you pass on
  • What you can do if you are struggling to meet your monthly premiums
  • How much life cover is enough
  • What happens when you cannot pay for your life cover
  • Who should be beneficiaries of your life cover
  • How to ensure that your life cover is not abused
  • What the advantages of a testamentary trust are
  • Why it is risky to name your children as beneficiaries of your life cover
  • What is the earliest time to take life cover?
  • Why a Will is an absolute necessity

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