Alexandra Pensioners donate masks to Inkamana High school

As we prepare to go back to school, varsity and work, it will become very important for all of us to have at least 2 masks to try and limit the infection rates and continue to practise all the safety protocols that we have been taught since March. We continue to donate masks wherever possible as shown on this picture here where Vusi Shongwe, one of Inkamana High School alumni committee members hands over some of the masks that Siyondla Umphakathi pensioners donated to the school. Please continue to buy from us so that we can donate more masks especially to the sick and elderly. We have made commitments to donate 80 masks to a clinic and an old age home in Alexandra. The headline below indicates just how important it is that we take extra care of the elderly and the ill during this time.  

Quality of our masks
In coming up with the masks, we tried about 10 different masks. Some of them were difficult to wear as it felt like one was going to suffocate while wearing them. We took what is best from each mask to come up with our design. We did our utmost best to buy the materials that would still make breathing relatively easy. The inner layer is porous to ensure that we know which side must be against the face. We also took extra care to acquire elastic bands that should make putting on the mask relatively simple.
Why you should buy our masks
We have 32 Alexandra pensioners who are involved in the project. They are part of Siyondla Umphakathi non-profit organisation (NPO) which extends a helping hand to the underprivileged school children in Alexandra township. We are therefore in a position to satisfy large orders at a relatively short space of time. The township has high rates of unemployment and overcrowding. One of the first Covid -19 deaths was a resident of Alex. This makes the residents highly susceptible to the virus. The elderly and the ill are most vulnerable to the virus. It is for this reason that we have committed to donating a percentage of the masks to old age homes and clinics. Your sale will help us to increase our donations.

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