Why funeral cover is expensive & how to reduce the costs

We are seeing an increase in the number of deaths due to Covid -19. Simultaneously, many people are losing jobs or have taken a salary reduction and are not able to pay for monthly premiums for their funeral policies. Some people will lose their families at this time and might not be able to pay for funeral expenses. We hope that this information will help you to make informed decisions about your funeral policies.
Funeral policies are expensive because they are not underwritten. For those of you that have life cover, you would recall that when you take life cover, you are asked questions about your health, lifestyle e.g. whether you smoke or not, qualifications, etc… This is called underwriting in insurance terms because your answers to these questions help insurance companies to rate the level of risk that they are taking when they approve your application for life cover. No questions are asked when you take a funeral policy and for this reason, you automatically pay more for your funeral policy.
How can you reduce the cost of funeral policies?
For individuals, you can reduce the cost of your funeral policy by taking life cover on your life then add up to 9 family members for funeral benefits. You would be underwritten and therefore your family members will benefit from discounted rates despite the fact that your family members are NOT asked any  health or medical questions.
If you are a stokvel or a church, you can also apply for a funeral policy for your members and pay reduced rates due to bulk discounts offered to groups. You must have at least 10 members to apply for a group funeral policy

Other key factors to note about funeral policies
·         They must pay within 48 hours after all required information is submitted
·         They normally come with a 6 month waiting period for death as a result of natural causesNO waiting period applies if someone dies in an accident. However if you have an existing funeral policy and you want to replace it with a new, cheaper policy, the waiting period will be waived.
·         You can cover adults who are over 14 years old but younger than 70 years for a maximum of R60 000
If you are struggling to keep up with your funeral cover monthly payments or you want us to help you with an affordable funeral policy for your family members, email us at

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