Money Tips for the Youth: Radio Interview

Wherever I go to present about money, young people always take the opportunity to complain about Black Tax. I throw the challenge back at them and point out that surveys that have been done reflect that they are not doing better than the older generation. In fact, most have a huge appetite for consumer debt and sadly, low financial literacy. I hope that this interview will help our young people to do much better than some of us did. Time is on your side and I hope you will empower yourself with knowledge & make informed decisions that will change your life for the better.

In this podcast, I address the following questions

  • As a young person,  what are the foundational money decision / principles that I need to know if I have never been taught about money at home?
  • It seems like it would be tough to go through life without a credit card. How can I discipline myself to use it wisely and only when necessary?
  • Black tax is real in my life and I have just started working. How do I determine what percentage of my income to contribute towards the wellbeing of my family members?
  • What decisions that seem irrelevant now when it comes to managing of my money, will have a huge impact on my life later on?
  • We also talk about buying cars, saving for retirement and how some families are now thriving because of the sacrifices that they made to educate each other, etc…

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