What if I die from Covid-19?

While I continue to stay at home as much as possible, observe social distancing and wash my hand regularly, etc… I have also had to ask myself the question, what if I die from the corona virus. This is not an easy question to confront but it is a real possibility as infection rates increase astronomically. I don’t want to have regrets so this question has led me to attend to my Will.

Below are the key things that I believe all of us who are parents want to have in our Wills;

  • We want to ensure that our hard earned cash is not finished fast because we left no Will in place. Many parents die without Wills and far too many children waste their parents hard earned money
  • If we have life cover, we want to name our Estates as beneficiaries of the life cover because if we name our children as beneficiaries of our life cover/s, there is a real possibility that they would use the funds and finish them in a short space of time
  • We don’t want our kids to be given cash when they turn 18, they are still too young and they might never finish their studies if we give them cash in a form of life cover when they turn 18
  • We want to state our wishes to our children in the Will e.g. that they should continue to pursue their studies and that proceeds of life cover/s should be used to pay for their school & varsity fees. Trustees of the testamentary trust would see to it that their tuition fees are paid
  • We want to allow them to only have the balance of the life cover when they turn 25, 30 or some other age when they are a bit mature and likely to use the funds in a responsible manner
  • While the kids are still young, we want to appoint guardians for them who will be there for them and this is the time to speak to the guardians so they are not taken by surprise
  • Protection of their inheritance in case of a divorce so that whatever we leave behind for them, will not form part of their marital estate when they get married one day

While it is hard to think about death, I urge you to contact us at if you want us to help you to draft your Will so that you can protect the future of your children

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