Facts women should know about money part 2 – Radio Interview

As we draw towards the end of women’s month; we continue with our series on the 20 Facts that every woman should know about money. In this interview, Phumelele addresses the following questions

1. Because as women or mothers we care about our children, letting go of an education policy could be tricky. Why do you say education policies are a thing of the past and what’s the alternative?
2. What are the basic principles to remember when it comes to investing?
3. Point number 7 – “Some life covers will underwrite you throughout your life and if you become ill later on in life, they will increase your premiums and you might not afford to keep it. Get life cover that underwrite you at application only” – What does this mean?
4. Let’s talk marriage and money. Why is it important to get legal advice before you get married? 
5. You talk about funeral  policies not being underwritten and how it’s possible to reduce the cost. Talk us through this please.

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