Introducing ThuthukaSA Home Loans

Do you need a home loan? You can now contact ThuthukaSA Home Loans for all your home loan needs whether you need R50 000 or R10 Million or any other amount, we are here to help you apply for a home loan to suit your unique needs and pocket. ThuthukaSA is now an authorised Financial Services Provider and a Home Loan Provider as well. We will assist you to get a home loan with one of the big banks and other parties who provide home loans. Over the next couple of weeks, we will share more details about our home loan services.
In 2007, Phumelele Ndumo, founder of ThuthukaSA published a book entitled 7 Secrets why the rich own their homes. Thirteen years later, ThuthukaSA is now finally in a position to assist you to get a home loan. We know that it is a challenge for many of us to get home loans. We hope to empower you with knowledge and tools to improve your chances of qualifying for a home loan and most importantly, to enjoy maximum benefit from your home loan.
Why you want ThuthukaSA Home Loans to help you apply for a home loan

  1. As we help you to get a home loan, one of the key benefits to you is we will ensure that you have the right insurance for your home loan. This is insurance that will settle your home loan in the event that you die or become disabled while you are still paying for the bond. We don’t want you to pay more money for insurance that you don’t need as we understand how important it is that you save as much money as possible when you are buying a home

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What you need to apply

  1. A copy of your ID
  2. It would be great if you have already checked that you are not blacklisted because unfortunately you cannot get a home loan if you are blacklisted
  3. An offer to purchase, if you have already identified a home that you want to buy & you have signed an offer to purchase

Email your application for a home loan to ThuthukaSA Home loans at

We will also be launching our first online course on property, if you want to join us so you learn more about the benefits of home ownership, use this link here

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