I want to buy a home, how much do I qualify for?

This is the best time to buy a home because interest rates are the lowest they have been in over 50 years. You are therefore likely to qualify for a higher amount than you would have in the past. House prices are also low as some people are forced to sell their homes due to salary cuts, retrenchments, etc.. How much do I qualify for? This is one of the popular questions we are receiving at ThuthukaSA Home Loans. To help you answer this question, we suggest you email us the following at

  1. Send us what your Gross monthly income is – this is before any deductions
  2. Send us your Net salary – this is the amount that is paid into your bank account
  3. Send us a list of your Living Expenses e.g. Groceries, Transport, pocket money for the kids, school fees, electricity, water, rent, etc…
  4. Your monthly debt repayments e.g. clothing store accounts, furniture store accounts, personal loans, credit card, etc…
  5. If you have insurance and savings, also send us a list of these e.g. Life cover, funeral cover, Fixed deposit account, etc…


We will then advise you how much you are likely to qualify for. This will help you to view homes that are within your price range. We will not vet the information you give us, we will take it as correct so the onus is upon you to ensure that you give us complete and accurate information.

Credit Report

If you wish, we can assist you to check your credit report. For us to be able to check your credit report, you must sign the consent form as we must get your permission to check your credit report. We will only check your credit report if you have given us the above information to enable us to do a pre-qualification report for you


When you buy a home, it is always best to buy for lower than what you qualify for. This will ensure that when interest rates increase, you can still afford to pay your monthly bond repayments

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