10 Ways I saved money during Covid-19

I seldom speak about myself but I just realised how much Covid-19 managed to change my finances for the better. Below are just some of the savings that came with the pandemic. I intend keeping these savings going forward because it is a nice feeling to know that you have fewer expenses. I will also put Tax Free investments in place with the money saved so that I don’t go back to old bad habits. Hope you will find something herein that could also help you reduce your monthly expenses and most importantly, turn the savings into investments.

  1. I had an Edgars card that I used once in a while e.g. when I change spectacles or just feel like spoiling myself or the kids as we don’t really dress up. Well, I received an SMS to say now that Edgars is bankrupt, they have decided to close my account because it was dormant. That is one store card down
  2. Some other clothing store account that I opened when I started working used to irritate me with messages of late payments, with insinuation that my credit record would be affected. I had plenty time during the lockdown to contact them and I closed the account. So I am very proud that I have NO store cards any longer
  3. We have not been to the hair salon since March – my hair looks like steelwool right now but NO ONE HAS A RIGHT TO CALL MY HAIR DAMAGED if they know what is good for them. I must say I miss the salon but for now, I am not ready to go back & that is another nice saving for now
  4. We received payment holidays on home loans. We used all the savings to finally install an inverter so that when there is load shedding, life continues and this was important with the work-from-home arrangement as we really cannot afford not to work due to constant load shedding. By the way if you live in Joburg and want me to refer you to my nephew who has an Electrical services company that installed this for us, email
  5. I had a credit card that expired in May. I used this very sparingly because I am scared of debt. Lockdown meant there was no travelling or outings. When they finally realise that they have not sent me a new card, I will tell them NO Thank You. I have managed quite nicely with NO credit card spending and I intend keeping the discipline
  1. Level 5 lock down forced me to think of alternative ways to keep physical within the yard.  I took a liking for planting vegetables so we are busy preparing the soil and we will be planting mealies, onions, green beans, etc… There is another saving on its way as we will be buying fewer vegetables
  2. During level 5, restaurants were closed and one could not buy cooked food anywhere. After eating bread and maas [sour milk ] for too long and almost getting constipated, we had to try cooking and with help & cooking tips from good friends, we are enjoying cooking. Home cooked meals are cheaper and healthier & this is a good habit that I want to keep for life
  3. I don’t remember the last time we bought petrol so this has been a huge saving. I hope that Zoom will continue to be a preferred method of communicating and doing talks and workshops so I will not be driving much henceforth
  4. We received small savings on car insurance, this is not satisfactory because the cars are collecting dust in the garage but it is better than nothing
  5. Our gym gave us an automatic stop payment on  monthly payments since April. We have been walking about 6 times a week and I am wondering if I really want to go back to the gym. Looks like another saving is on the way

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