Special Home Loan Rates for Graduates

For those of you who are graduates or senior diploma holders, you will be pleased to know that you qualify for a special Pricing Discount on your home loan rate because of your qualification. ThuthukaSA Home Loans is here to make sure you get the discount that you deserve.

Are you a graduate or senior diploma holder with an NQF Level 7 qualification or higher? If you want to buy a home or you have a paid-up home that you want to refinance, you can contact us so we can get a Special Pricing Discount for you on your home loan. When you buy a home, it is very important that you get a good rate because this is a long-term commitment and your rate will determine your monthly bond repayments.

If you are applying for a home loan with someone else e.g. your spouse or partner or sibling or stokvel member, one of you must be a graduate for you to qualify for the Pricing Discount. It does NOT matter how old you are or when you got your degree or senior diploma. When you apply, you must send us a copy of your degree certificate.

If you want a home loan, email ThuthukaSA Home Loans at

ThuthukaSA Home Loans will also help you with the following;

  • To find out the amount of a home loan you qualify for
  • Offer you affordable insurance to ensure that your home loan is paid up in the event of death or disability
  • Negotiate a good rate for you when you buy a home
  • Help you to get more money against your existing home loan

Help you invest for legal costs of buying a home and a deposit for your home and lots more….

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