How to enjoy a financially secure retirement – Radio Interview

So many of us do not do enough to plan for our retirement.  We start saving for retirement in our 40s and 50s and that does not give our money enough time to grow. In this radio interview, we speak about how to help our children to start saving for retirement from as young as 1 – year old. 

1. Why some medical doctors and lawyers do not have retirement savings
2. Why is important to start early when planning for retirement?
3. What are South African stats looking like at the moment?
4. What are the root causes that make people find themselves stranded when it’s time to retire?

5. Regarding cashing in your pension when you change jobs, perhaps there is misunderstanding regarding how that works i.e. why should one not cash their pension when changing jobs,
and if they don’t then, when and how will they get their pension from their last place of employment?

6. If one’s employer does not have any pension set up, is there any action one can take to encourage this to change?
7. Explain the “high cost and poor returns” from some pension and RA savings.

Phumelele answers questions from listeners
1. Joan wants to know why a retirement annuity and not a Tax Free Investment for her kids
2. Amy wants to know about going on pension at age 49 and what to do with her funeral policies

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