Over 27 000 copies sold, Thank You to all our young graduates

I wish to thank each person who has read the book, young and old alike but I am aware of the growing number of young graduates and professionals who write to us informing us that they have read the book and they want financial advice as they buy their first cars, first homes, etc… I also thank all the university lecturers that have invited us to address their final year students as part of preparing them for the world of work. I thank those companies that employ young graduates that invite us to hold full day workshops as we talk to them about avoiding unnecessary debt, investing money and all other things money – thank you to one and all.

Financial Advice for the young people
We invite all young people who want financial advice to contact us, email us at . We want to see you avoid some of the mistakes we made because there was no one to guide us. If you need advice on the following, contact us;

  • You want to buy your first car and you want someone to tell you NOT to buy a car you cannot afford on balloon
  • You want to buy your first home & you want to get the best interest rate
  • You are wondering why life cover is important even though you are still very young
  • You want to invest in tax free offshore investments
  • You want to stop complaining about black tax
  • You want to avoid unnecessary debt
  • You want to budget effectively
  • You are planning to get married and want start off on the right financial path

You want to ensure that one day when it is time for you to go on pension, you will have enough money to retire financially comfortable

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