Hlengiwe Mzulwini 0614680878 Committing Fraud using our Logo

Someone who calls himself Mr Hlengiwe Mzulwini is committing fraud using our logo. He has opened a WhatsApp group with the number 061 4680 878 and there was a photo of a beautiful lady on it which he removed when I sent him messages to question why he was committing fraud.

We were lucky enough to receive a call from a guy called Khulekani. He was invited to join a WhatsApp group called ThuthukaSA Investment. He couldn’t believe that you can invest R500 now and in about 4hours you will get R1000? So he then searched for our website, only to find out that he almost got scammed. He realised that what is written on our website doesn’t correspond to what is offered on the WhatsApp group.

Below is how they gain excess to people’s money. The group admin details are as follows:

Hlengiwe Mzulwini 0614680878

How to identify a FRAUDSTER

  1. Poor use of English, you only need a grade 10 to spot errors in this invitation
  2. The people inviting you are not willing to engage. This person does NOT pick up calls when you phone him and when I insisted and he finally did, he was trying to so hard to mute himself and I went straight to the point and I asked him why he was committing FRAUD using my company logo. He dropped the call before I could finish what I wanted to say to him
  3. You are promised ridiculous returns – they are appealing to your sense of greed
  4. There is a sense of urgency i.e. invest now before you lose the deal
  5. Ridiculous working hours as you can see this fraudster doesn’t rest, is willing to work weekends and work until 22h00

Share with others before they get scammed. Note that if you fall into the scam, ThuthukaSA is not responsible for your financial loss

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