Adrienne has paid off 3 out of her 6 debts, payment fatigue is setting in though

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Remember Adrienne had 6 debts i.e. Truworths, Edgars, Woolworths, ABSA credit card, FNB credit card and FNB Personal Loan? She has now paid 3 of the 6 debts and has saved herself R3 629 in monthly instalments. We spoke last week and this is what she had to say After 22 years in debt, I have paid off around R30 000 in the last few months since meeting you. I feel great, there is finally light at the end of the tunnel.  I am hoping to be debt free (except my bond) and with some savings within the next year before my 55th  birthday”

She is now paying off her ABSA credit card. The instalment is R986, she is paying R2000 per month. The outstanding balance is R29 876. So she has a long way to go to get this debt paid in full. She is anxious to pay off all her debt and is going to apply for a further loan with FNB. We are hoping that with her having reduced her debts, FNB will grant her the further loan and she will then pay all the remaining loans in full.

Adrienne’s 6 Debts were

Shortened email from Adrienne
My total FNB personal loan is R80 000 and FNB Credit card is R 17 385. There is no incentive to go back to Edgars as they no longer have the 6 month interest free account. I don’t have the cards for Truworths, Woolworth or Edgars. I also have cut up the credit card so that I can’t use it when I am buying groceries or at the mall. Almost all grocery shopping is done online and my weekly expenses are paid in cash using the envelope budgeting system

To recap where we started, you can read this newsletter which we wrote in January  entitled “How Adrienne will end up with R8 089,74 monthly after paying off her debts”

If you want to get out of debt & you want Phumelele Ndumo to assist you, you can email us at Note that Phumelele does NOT deal with your creditors but works with you as I did with Adrienne and Rethabile. You can visit our BLOG to find out how we assisted Adrienne & Rethabile.

Due to time constraints, I can only assist 2 more people at a time. The 2 people will pay a hugely discounted hourly fee of R650 because we will still use their journeys out of debt to educate others but we will keep their identities confidential. To ensure that this has an impact and you can see the difference in your finances, we will consult telephonically for 1 hour per month only. There must be a minimum of 4 consultations, one consultation per month for the next 4 months. Depending on your level of debt & readiness to cooperate with the program, you could take much longer than the 4 months to get out of debt. You can continue with the monthly consultations after the first 4 months if you wish – at the same rate. To ensure that I only work with people who are committed, the fee for the first 4 months must be paid upfront in full.

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