Are you struggling to get a home loan with a bank despite a good credit record?

You might have a good credit record but might be struggling to get a home loan with a bank. This is often the case with entrepreneurs, the self – employed, commission earners and free-lancers, foreigners or foreign income earners, people who have no credit record because they do not have debt or are expatriates. We will try to assist you but we make no promises because a healthy credit record is important for all credit providers.
Who can apply

  • If the property you want to buy is in the Cape or Gauteng
  • If you have a good credit record
  • If the house you want to buy is over R450 000 but less than R2,7 million
  • If you have signed an offer to purchase already
  • If you have a deposit of 5% for the property that you want to buy
  • Vacant land and building loans will NOT be financed
  • If you have applied for a home loan with one of the banks, you must first await their response or cancel the application for your application to be considered

Email the following information to;

  • Your credit report and if you do NOT have it, we will give you a form that authorises us to download your credit report, provided you have already given us the following documents
  • The signed offer to purchase
  • Proof that you have the 5% deposit for the property that you want to buy
  • Proof of income e.g. latest payslip
  • Last 3 months bank statements

Your ID copy and if you are married, the ID copy of your spouse as well

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