Invest in Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Twitter, etc…

Many of us use Facebook, we have iPhones, we buy online using the Amazon platform, we enjoy movies on Netflix and Tweet our heads off. It is about time that we invest and earn good investment returns from the products of companies that we use daily.
Key information about the fund

  • It was launched in August 2018 so it is just 2 years old
  • If you had invested R100 in August 2018, your R100 would have grown to R162 as at the end of September 2020
  • Key PERFORMANCE Indicators

           Since Inception                 26.2%
           Year to Date                      58.3%
           1 Year                                73.4%

  • It is an index tracking fund tracking the New York Stock Exchange NYSE FANG+ Index
  • You can invest from as little as R500 per month

Because it invests 100% in international equities, it is a high risk fund so the recommended investment period is 5 years however, there is NO lock in period so you can access your money anytime you want to.
You can also get it as a TAX FREE investment so you do NOT pay any tax on all of your returns and you do NOT pay any performance fees. This is an excellent fund to invest for medium to long-term objectives e.g. school / varsity fees for your kids, for that dream wedding, for start-up costs of your own business, for  a deposit for your first home, for a deposit for your car, etc..

If you are interested, email us at

Process that we follow to invest your money
To ensure that you are NOT scammed and you understand fully what process will be followed to help you set up the investment account, please be aware of the process that we will follow;

  • We will send you our letter of authority for you to formally appoint us to advise you. This is a requirement i.t.o. the FAIS Act
  • We will also send you our risk profile analysis form so that we understand your appetite for risk, also a requirement i.t.o FAIS
  • We will email you the Fund Fact sheet which will give you as much information about the fund as possible and this will be accompanied by the podcast so you can read the fund fact sheet as guided by the podcast
  • A tele-consultation will be set up with you to give you feedback on the above and to discuss your quote
  • We will send you the quote and the application forms and we require FICA from you. Your monthly contributions will be paid directly into the investment company

We will NOT ask you to deposit any money into our bank account

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