Why did VODACOM blacklist me for R1,70c

If you want to buy a home or any other item on credit, check your credit record – even if you are not heavily indebted. I posit that retail companies and banks still have too much power to stop you from achieving your objectives. Around June, my application for an SMME Covid-19 relief loan was declined because of a blacklisting by Vodacom that I was not even aware of. 4 months later, I finally had the opportunity to download my credit report and I was furious to find out that Vodacom blacklisted me when I only owe them R1,70cents. I phoned Vodacom 082 1946 on 20 October 2020 around 14h45 and I spoke to Moleboheng who confirmed that I am NOT on Vodacom’s internal ITC and in fact my credit score is good as I was paying for the contract phones by debit order. She could not explain how I was blacklisted because all I owe is R1,70cents and this is the most interesting part;

  • She undertook to speak to her superiors to issue me with a clearance letter by end of business on 20 October. She explained that the letter normally takes 3 working days but under the circumstances, the letter could be issued expediently
  • She never came back to me and 2 months later, I have not received the clearance letter
  • Before any company can blacklist you, there are processes to be followed and Vodacom did not follow due process in blacklisting me. This raises a number of questions i.e.
    • How could Vodacom blacklist me without following due process?
    • Who authorised the blacklisting within Vodacom?
    • How could Experian blacklist me without confirming how much I owed and getting proof that the process was followed?
    • What other credit bureau have blacklisted me?
    • How many other people have been unfairly blacklisted by Vodacom? Is Vodacom above the law?
    • Do credit bureaus generally allow companies to blacklist people without verifying if indeed they are in default?
  • Failure by Vodacom to issue the letter confirms that this blacklisting is malicious

Page 61 of the book From Debt to Riches outlines the process that I, the consumer who has been unfairly blacklisted, must follow to clear my name. It is an onerous process and I don’t have the time to waste for a R1,70c blacklisting. I fired my banker for failing to apply her mind and declining my application for a Covid-19 loan on the basis of R1,70c. The sad reality is that many people are declined loans on the basis of a credit report so make a habit of checking your credit report at least once a year so that when you actually need a loan, you are not stopped by an unfair listing. The effect of this unfair blacklisting is that it lowers my credit score and increases the rate of interest at which I can borrow money.
I had 2 cell phones on contract with Vodacom. I was paying the monthly invoice by debit order. In 2017, I ported away from Vodacom. They would not have authorized the transfer if I was in arrears. My banker was not prepared to listen to me or to check with Vodacom. Note that your bank is not always right and you must challenge them if you feel you are treated unfairly.   
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