Do you own a car & want to borrow money against your car?

ThuthukaSA is here to help you with matters relating to your personal finances. Most of us are short of cash because of retrenchments, salary cuts, etc… If you own a car, we can help you to get money out of your car and also reduce your monthly car instalments as shown in the example below.

Over and above you getting cash out of R100 000, you would also reduce your monthly car instalments because the new monthly instalment could be calculated based on the balance owing of R125 000 instead of the original loan amount of R400 000. So your new monthly instalments could be R3 500 instead of the R7000. However, you must note that because you are going to pay less monthly, it would take you longer to pay off your car.

ThuthukaSA supports responsible lending so we are happy to assist you if you need cash for good debt purposes e.g;

  • To raise money for a deposit on a home that you want to buy
  • To raise money to pay bond registration and transfer costs on a home that you want to buy
  • To build backrooms so that you can earn extra income from the rent
  • To pay school / university fees for your children
  • To settle debt

We require a motivation and full disclosure for us to assist you
If you are planning to buy a home in 2021, contact us for the most affordable home loan rates. Remember to refer a friend and earn R1000

Cars that can be refinanced

•      Your car must NOT be older than 10years
•      The market value must be at least R50 000 or greater
•      You must be employed with a monthly salary of R8 000 or more
•      If you are self – employed, your business must be registered and older than two years
•      You must have a clear and healthy credit profile
Foreign nationals must have an SA Drive Licence and the term of loan will be linked to their permit

Application to get cash against your car  or to reduce monthly car instalments

You can also contact us if you want to buy a car from a private individual or buy a 2nd hand car. When you want a car loan, always remember that the most important thing is the interest rate that you pay. You are likely to get the cheapest rate because we take your application to all the vehicle financers
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