Can I buy a home on my own, my husband / wife is blacklisted & I am NOT

We receive emails continuously from people who are married and they want to buy a home but are unable to because one of them is blacklisted or has a poor credit record, e.g. some accounts are in arrears, late payments, etc.. . Usually, one of them has a clean & healthy credit record and could qualify for a home loan on their own but their spouse has a poor / negative credit record. If you are married in community of property, this means that your spouse’s debts are your debts too so you will not be able to qualify for a home loan as a couple or in your own name. You need to focus on helping your spouse to clear their credit record or to improve their credit score to be able to qualify for a home loan

You can read the newsletter 10 TIPs to improve your credit score so you can qualify for a home loan, to help you improve your credit score so that you qualify for a home loan.

Guidance to improve your credit score to qualify for a home loan
If you want us to guide you on how to improve your credit score, we can do so at a fee of R500 for a 30-minute consultation. We will give you our bank details and once the payment has been made, we will then schedule a tele-consultation with you

Refer a Friend and Earn R1000
Do you know someone who wants a home loan or someone who has a home and wants to borrow money against the home? Refer them to us at ThuthukaSA Home Loans and if they qualify, you could earn yourself R1000. The fee will be paid upon successful registration of the bond.

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