Do you want to reduce your monthly car loan instalments?

Last week I wrote about how we could help you to get cash out of your car loan. We can also help you to reduce the monthly instalments that you pay on your car loan. The global pandemic has resulted in job losses and salary cuts for many people and if you find yourself struggling to cope with your car loan repayments, we can help you to reduce the monthly instalments. We take your application to all the banks and you will therefore get the cheapest rate of interest possible. Interest rate on car loans range between 9 and 12,5%

At ThuthukaSA we support responsible lending so we are happy to assist you if by reducing your car instalments you will then be able to;

  • Afford a home loan because the lower car loan instalments will enable you to qualify for a home loan & be able to buy a home soon
  • Buy a home and be able to afford monthly home loan instalments
  • Use the reduced instalments to save for a deposit for a home
  • Save for transfer costs and bond registration fees on a home that you want to buy
  • Build back rooms in your home & rent them out for extra monthly income
  • You will save for school / university fees for your children
  • You will be able to pay off expensive debt quicker e.g. personal loan

We require a motivation and full disclosure for us to assist you

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