VALENTINES – Money & Love: Radio Interview

I laughed my heart out as I read about the Stingy Men Association [SMA]. This Valentines came at a time when all of us are so stretched financially that some men have formed the imaginary SMA. My take-away from it all is that money is tight for all of us and men in particular are feeling the pinch and perhaps they are crying out for help

Money issues can lead to relationship / marriage  breakdown, in this interview we talk about:
Do we know what relationship we have with money?
o   Cinderella
o   Screamers
o   Spending money we don’t have to impress people we don’t like
o   One night stand
o   Cash cow
o   I want it ALL & I want it NOW
o   Fear money
o   Worry about money
o   Rational 
How did we build this relationship?
o   What kind of relationship did our parents have with money?
o   Did we inherit our relationship with money?
Is our relationship with money causing tension with our loved ones?
o   Parents?
o   Siblings?
o   Partners & spouses?

We also run full day webinars to share as much as we can with young graduates / and couples preparing for marriage. The objective of our workshops is to help them to:

  1. Understand the rules of money

·         Build healthy credit profiles
·         Invest for their future needs
·         Buy reasonable cars when they are ready to buy their first cars
·         Save for deposits for their first homes
·         Plan for a successful financial future, regardless of their relationship status

Hope the interview will help you on your journey to building a healthy relationship with money

If you and your loved ones want a Financial Advisor to help you plan for a successful financial future, email Also remember to read Chapter 14 entitled, Do you know what relationship you have with money? in the book From Debt to Riches: Steps to Financial Success

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