How ThuthukaSA could help you with your major financial decisions

A few months ago one of our customers informed me casually “I just switched my bond to Investec”. I thought to myself, what a waste of money. So I asked her why she did that and she told me that she was offered a better rate. I probed further, “did they inform you that you will be paying the bond registration costs again?” I could hear from the silence that she wasn’t told about this. With a jumbo bond of over R5mil, her bond registration costs were over R50 000 – so she paid these all over again. So I asked her to just check in with us before she makes any major financial decisions so we will check and ensure that the decisions she is making are really in her best interests.
I’m extending the same offer to you to contact us if;

  1. You are buying/selling property for yourself or family. For instance, do you know that if you sell property that is bonded without giving your bank a 3-month notice, you could be charged an early settlement penalty?
  2. You are changing your job/ or you are about to get a pay increase
  3. You just lost your job or income e.g. one of our customers lost her job and we were able to help her get payment holidays on some of her policies and advised her of the policies she could suspend until she gets another job and ensured that her life cover stays intact. We have written extensively on this subject and have addressed employees who were facing retrenchment
  4. You are going on retirement or  one of your key business staff or even family are going on retirement. This is a major event for all of us and we could help you reduce tax, ensure that your debts are paid off and you get a life time pension. Many people have taken pension that lasts for a few years because they did not get advice before going on pension
  5. You have given birth to a child so we ensure that your Will is updated, you make provision for the child’s school / varsity fees while they are still very young
  6. You are about to change your marital status – we can guide you through the different types of marriage contracts so you are well informed before you even go to see a lawyer
  7. You are taking on or paying off debt (e.g. personal loan, business loan, bond) – we could help you to get the best home loan rate so you don’t have to switch bonds afterwards and end up paying bond registration fees twice
  8. Inheritance – we helped one of our customers about a year ago to make the most of her inheritance. She was understandably nervous as she never had so much money before and she wanted to ensure that she used it so that her late mother would be proud of her
  9. Death/disability of a family member,
  1. Change in medical circumstances
  2. Redundancy – we have written newsletters on retrenchments and how to cope with a retrenchment and make the most of your retrenchment package
  3. Buying/selling property or equipment for your business
  4. Business Revenue/Profit increase or decrease
  5. Death/disability of a business partner or key staff member – hopefully you have key man insurance in place for this already
  6. Sale of shares in your business

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