BCom graduate, Sekaboga Sewanywa reviews the book From Debt to Riches

Sekaboga is one of the learners who are part of Sandoz graduate development program. I conducted a full day webinar to the graduates a few weeks ago. When I received Seka’s simple, short, beautiful and to the point review of the book, I thought I don’t even want to spoil it by adding anything to it. So all I did was to highlight in bold just a few key points in his review.

After reading this book, I felt the privilege of gaining knowledge, without having to learn through time, trial and error. For that I feel as though I have dodged a life crisis, that may have been waiting for me in the future. 

A simple but important note to us, is that we should know the different types of debt. Her starting the book with such an elementary concept of good and bad, could be equated to how you tell a child, “stove hot, don’t touch”. 

Her insight on the capabilities that a home has towards your financial freedom, is revitalizing. So revitalising that your idea of a dream home, will be grounded to the home you either currently own, or to the first one you will own. 

When you realise that living the dream is as simple as living in your own home, you become less tempted to showcase your life as that of a decorated mannequin 

I could not agree more with Seka that lack of financial knowledge by young graduates and professionals is nothing more than just a disaster in waiting. They are offered so much debt by banks that most already have credit cards, personal loans and other forms of debt while they are still university students. Some spend a few years in debt review or live a life of silent despair as they grapple with debt problems. Hopefully many others will buy a copy of the book and empower themselves with knowledge to enable them to live a life of financial prosperity. To invite us to conduct a personal finance management webinar at your place of work, email us at

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