For this women’s month, I thought I should share the following ideas which I hope will help you somehow. They say parenting doesn’t come with a manual but these few tips should help some of us, especially those who over indulge their children. As with most things in life, the best way to teach anyone anything is to use as few words as possible – teach by being an example to them

  1. Live within your means so you don’t have money stress
  2. Save for retirement so you don’t depend on your kids in old age
  3. Save for varsity fees for your kids using offshore Tax Free Investments while they are small so it is easier later on
  4. Say NO to your kids when you can’t afford what they are asking for. Don’t say YES to their every request
  5. Teach your kids to respect money, it truly doesn’t grow on trees
  6. Teach your kids to fend for themselves. You can’t bring them up & bring up their kids too
  7. Teach your kids to budget so they learn to live within their means too
  8. Be careful of living with kids over the age of 25, especially if they don’t like working
  9. Invest money for yourself, you are important too. Enjoy your money & do what you love
  10. Buy a home ASAP so you can finish paying it off before you go on pension
  1. Draft a Will so that you give clarity about how your assets are to be distributed
  2. Being a single mother doesn’t mean you are going to struggle all your life – get a good financial advisor
  3. Don’t be scared of money. Learn as much as you can about money so you are empowered
  4. Don’t buy a car you can’t afford. Don’t let your kids tell you which car to buy. If they don’t like your car, tell them it is your car, not theirs
  5. Get a good financial advisor so you increase your chances of achieving your financial goals
  6. Save & invest your money so your kids don’t complain about Black Tax later on in life
  7. If you are married, make sure your hubby has life cover too
  8. Don’t get into debt to please your kids or anyone else
  9. No one is entitled to your money, not even your husband

If you have money ideas for women, please share them.

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