Why a Will is particularly important for parents – RADIO INTERVIEW

National Wills week is a reminder to all of us that drafting a Will is important. Covid-19 has taken so many people untimely so if you don’t have a Will, don’t wait any longer
In this interview, we address the following;

  1. What happens if you die without a Will?
  2. What are the advantages of drafting a Will?
  3. Can one not just draft their own Will?
  4. What if you have a Will but no one knows where it is?


How often must one update a Will?

Whenever there is a majour life change such as you have just had a new baby or purchased a new home. It is your responsibility to ensure that you contact us  as and when such changes occur to ensure that all of your affairs are in order. 

ThuthukaSA can assist you to draft your Will and Testament free of charge. Please email us,  with “Last Will and Testament” in the subject line and include your contact number so that we can contact you. 


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