From 6 Debts in April to 0 debts in November – Thanks Jolene for allowing me to share your story

I received this beautiful email from one of my customers today and I would like to share it with you.

Dear Phumulele,

It is us (and especially me) who has to thank you for your amazing help and support. You’ve literally changed my life around and I cannot thank you enough.
I have referred some friends and family to you too. I appreciate your heart, wisdom and knowledge.

God Bless!

Kind regards,

I did a full day webinar for her company in April and she was one of the employees that attended. See the list of her debts in April 2021. Some of the debts were due to medical challenges that required her to use debt to deal with the medical bills. I am pleased to report that ALL of these debts are now paid and Jolene and her hubby are finalising plans to renovate their home. Having tried to help many in her position and sometimes unsuccessful, I reiterate that knowledge is power. This was a long road and it was NOT easy but she kept at it because she understood that we don’t have a quick fix for her.  I invite you to attend our WEBINAR this Saturday – 6 November and to read the book From Debt to Riches – if you want to gain knowledge and improve your financial life. See the brochure at the end of this newsletter and Email or  WhatsApp Masandafor the Link

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