Covid-19 VACCINATION & your life cover

As we continue to help people to reduce their monthly payments for life cover, we have another hoop to jump i.e. vaccination for Covid-19. With the virus having killed millions across the world, insurance companies are now demanding that for some amongst us, proof of vaccination is a prerequisite for life cover. They want to reduce your risk of dying, soon after they have given you life cover and limit their risk of paying claims, especially for people who they have just given life cover to.
So if you want life cover, it is in your best interests to get vaccinated. People with the following disease must be vaccinated and produce proof of vaccination must be available otherwise they will not get life cover;

  • Those with diabetes
  • BMI of 40 and above i.e. chubby ones like me (thanks to Covid-19 & the temporal closure of the gyms)
  • Chronic renal failure
  • High blood pressure
  • Cholesterol
  • Those above 60 years, under certain circumstances
  • Those with HIV 

But if you already have life cover, NO need to worry , at least NOT yet

So if you feel you are paying too much for your life cover (and you probably are, based on my experience with most people), you can email us and we could help you to get life cover, at better rates – provided you are happy to be vaccinated, if you suffer from the above disease PLUS you might just be in for a BIG healthy bonus.

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