Thank You for Attending our Buying a Home Webinar

A note to say Thank You for attending the Buying a Home webinar on the 6th of November. We hope to have follow-up webinars in 2022. WE recorded the webinar and you can order a series of 4 podcasts lasting a Total of 1 hour and 30 minutes for R75.

We are glad to see that more people are approaching us and one of our most recent success stories is that of a personal childhood friend who approached me around August this year. She was suffocating under a mountain of personal loans, revolving credit, overdraft, etc… and was feeling low that she was not going to be able to send her kids to university in 2022. Fortunately, she had a paid up home and a title deed under the mattress, as I love to say. I am very happy for her and her family because we were able to get a refinance loan for her and as we speak, all her personal loans and other debts are fully paid up, she has the money to send the kids to varsity and will be doing renovations in 2022. To read her full story entitled ENDING THE YEAR WELL WITHOUT DEBT & WITH MONEY FOR VARSITY FEES FOR THE KIDS, click on the link…/

It is actually sad to note that many people are struggling financially due to lack of knowledge. It is no longer the survival of the fittest but it is now the survival of those with knowledge. So please spread the word around and gift your loved ones with a copy of the book From Debt to Riches this Christmas

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PS: ThuthukaSA offices will be closed from 17 December and we will be back on Monday, 10 January 2022

A happy, safe and restful holiday to you and your loved ones

Thank you


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