TOP 10 Customer Success Stories of 2021

We hope you had a restful holiday and are in top gear. As we start the new year, we took some time reflecting on our customer success stories of 2021.
We measure our success by the success of our customers because it is them that keep us going, even in the midst of the global pandemic that refuses to go away and has left many people jobless

  1. We managed to get home loans for our customers and some of them had no chance of getting their home loan applications approved but as I often say, knowledge is not just power, it is wealth. One such successful home loan application was for someone who needed to raise about R3Mil to fund a business venture. She had applied unsuccessfully for a business loan
  2. We got some of our customers out of debt by refinancing their assets and getting cash out to pay off debt and pay school and varsity fees, etc…. And as I often say, if we help you to get out of debt, you will most likely go back into debt again [we are creatures of habit]. So we never stop at getting you out of debt but we actually ensure that you partake in the process so you gain knowledge and most importantly, we draw a financial plan for you and we take part of the money you saved by paying off your expensive short-term debts and we open savings and investment accounts for you so chances of you falling back into debt are minimised
  3. We opened offshore tax free investment accounts for a lot more customers this year and a few even opened the accounts for their children. We are pleased that many of these were for people who want to ensure that they have enough money to pay university fees for their kids and our youngest customer is just 3 years old
  1. We managed to save some of our customers thousands of Rands by replacing their expensive life covers with similar cover but put together for real risk mitigation. There are life covers out there that are so expensive and if you look closely, they have too many bells and whistles that are not really for the benefit of the customer. One such case is that of a top earning professional that was paying

R20 000 monthly for life cover and we gave her life cover with similar benefits [minus the frills] for just R9 000 in monthly payments. Even though her monthly income is over R200 000, she was happy with the R11 000 instant saving that she got. We have saved many other customers lots of money as we help them to consolidate their expensive funeral policies into their life covers

  1. We got stokvels opening their investment accounts with us and we are really happy about this because unfortunately, far too many people are members of stokvels but they don’t get much benefit from the diligent savings because they still keep their money in a bank account and use all of it at the end of each year

Next time, we will share with you the last 5 of our 10 success stories of 2021

We look forward to another great year ahead

Thank you for your support during 2021

Team ThuthukaSA

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