3 Ways to Pay School & Varsity Fees

The beginning of the year is a stressful period for most parents due to school and varsity fees. This year seems to be particularly hard as the effects of Covid-19 are still with us. Many of the people that contacted us in January wanted help with school and varsity fees. The best time to prepare for school and varsity fees is long before they are due because time gives you more options. A good example of this is my high school friend who I wrote about on the 9th of December 2021 in the newsletter entitled…/ “Ending the year well without debt & with money for varsity fees for the kids”. We started working on her finances around July last year and now that her 2 kids are both at university this year – she has no worries about tuition fees, high monthly debt repayments, etc.. In fact, she is buying her car soon and has asked me to consult with her kids to advise them about how to make the most of the allowances that they will be getting.

Alas, there are still those amongst us who do things at the very last minute. So if you have not paid school and varsity fees, these are the 3 ways you could to raise the funds;

  1. We can help you to refinance your car – if you have a car and this could take about 2 weeks to get the cash
  2. We can help you refinance your home – this will take you anywhere between 4 days to about 3 months or so – depending whether you get a re-advance, further bond or refinance
  3. You can approach the banks for an Education Loan if your child is attending university. I suggest you approach at least 3 banks and compare the Terms and Conditions. Watch out for Credit Assurance on the loan. Please stay away from personal loans, they are far too expensive

I often say that your credit record will make you or break you because all these 3 are possible only if you have a positive credit score

So if you want us to help you with the refinance of your car or your home, you can email us at Please note that our services come at a fee


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