Top up your Tax Free Investment before the end of February

As we approach the end of the tax year, I suggest you contact us to top up your tax free investment or to open your tax free investment if you don’t have one as yet. Each one of us can contribute up to
R36 000 in a tax year so if you are not paying R3000 monthly and you have some cash to spare, you can email us so you can top up. If  you opened a tax free investment account for school and varsity fees for your kids, you would have an easy time in January & February each year, when the fees are due. In fact, you could pay the fees for the whole academic year and stand a chance to get a discount that most institutions offer to parents who pay their fees upfront for the whole year.
Remember the key reasons why Tax Free Investments are good for you;

  • No performance fees
  • No Income tax, Dividend Withholding tax, Capital Gains Tax so all the growth goes to the investor
  • They are suitable for medium to long-term e.g. school and varsity fees, topping up your pensions, etc…

We have prepared a pack for you on Tax Free investments. The pack includes the following;

  • Voice Notes explaining some of the most popular offshore tax free investment funds
  • Newsletters that we have written in the past on some of these offshore funds
  • Fund fact sheets, if required and there is a definite intention to invest

If you want to have the pack so you can start to invest or you want to top up your investment, email us at

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