Debts Paid in Full – We continue to take customers out of expensive debt

She contacted us in October 2021 and this was the picture at the time

The first thing I required was that she cuts all 3 credit cards and here they are

AFTER ThuthukaSA
The accounts have been closed and the customer has R7 631 to use towards their benefit. What we are doing for her with part of the money;

  • Lump sum towards an emergency fund and a monthly contribution towards the fund so that she has cash in case of emergencies
  • Tax free investments for the daughter’s varsity fees
  • Her own tax free investment for her own needs
  • Retirement annuity to start investing for her old age, etc…

We charge R5000 for the service.

Getting out of debt does not happen overnight for most people so getting out will be slower than you wish but it is possible, only with your cooperation

Best regards

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