Let’s talk about YOUTH & MONEY during June

Are you a parent or a young person? To receive our Daily Messages on Youth & Money, kindly email us on or send us a WhatsApp message to 068 195 4028 or 069 245 0228. Please include your name on the subject line of your email same applies when sending us a Whatsapp message. We will send you a message on Youth and Money daily by 11am.
Some of our young people are heavily indebted, they have poor credit records, money fears and anxieties, and they don’t have enough knowledge about money. Many wish that their parents taught them about money. We are going to send you the Daily Messages and we hope that the messages are going to help the youth and their parents to start talking about money. Please also tune into Mams Radio – FM 92.9 on Thursdays, Midday show at 13h15 as Phumelele will be speaking to Portia about some of the money issues that affect the youth.

Below are what the messages will be about

  1. YOUTH & New Money
  2. YOUTH & Relationship with money
  3. YOUTH & Personal Loans
  4. YOUTH & Saving
  5. YOUTH & Investing
  6. YOUTH & Budgeting
  7. YOUTH & Black Tax
  8. YOUTH & Name brands
  9. YOUTH & Childhood money memories
  10. YOUTH & Lessons about money
  11. YOUTH & Cars
  12. YOUTH & Peer Pressure
  13. YOUTH & Financial Intelligence
  14. YOUTH & Credit Profile
  15. YOUTH & Money fears
  16. YOUTH & Debt
  17. YOUTH & Instant Gratification
  18. YOUTH & Home Ownership;
  19. YOUTH & Money

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Happy youth month to our young people

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