A Will Before Christmas

A Will Before Christmas…

The year is fast drawing to an end and you will be travelling to visit friends and family. Do not forget to draft your Will before you go on holiday. Drafting a Will is one of those important things that we tend to shy away from. Don’t delay it anymore.

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Do you know the benefits of having a Will?

* You can nominate people who you trust to be the the guardian for your minor children.
* Should you pass away before your children are 18,  a Testamentary Trust is automatically formed which will take care of them until the termination age of your choosing. You do not want everything you have worked so hard for to end up in the wrong hands.
* Minimise abuse and misuse of your children’s inheritance. Having a singed and valid Will in place will ensure that greedy relatives do not get access to your minor children’s inheritance and that they are taken care of and protected the way you would have done if you were still alive.
* Maximise the chances of your children finishing school and going to university because the Testamentary Trust will ensure that necessities are paid directly to the institutions rather than to relatives who promise to pay and never do.

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