No Back To School Blues For Our Customers

Are you ready to pay school fees that are due month end?

It’s that time of the year when parents have to register their kids at school / varsity. It’s usually a stressful time financially because there are school books, stationery, school uniforms that must be purchased. For some parents, they cannot even register their kids because fees for the 2022 are still owing and in some instances, school reports are withheld as a result

At ThuthukaSA, we encourage our customers to pay school fees for their children in full at the beginning of each year. Most schools offer a discount if parents pay fees in full in January. So parents score from the discount but most importantly, they don’t have to worry about fees monthly. Most of our customers save money monthly so that come January, they have enough money to pay the fees in full for the whole year.

Read about the three ways you can pay school and varsity fees. If you want to start saving monthly so that you can pay fees for the whole year in January each year, email us or WhatsApp us today!

Please note that ThuthukaSA normally uses offshore Tax Free funds to invest for school and varsity fees where the investment term is five years and above. You must complete our risk profile analysis form and letter of authority for us to be able to advise you.

You can read about how to adjust and plan your finances accordingly in Phumelele Ndumo’s SA Best Seller book, From Debt to Riches. Purchase your copy from us today!

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