Tax Season Is Upon Us

It is that time of the year again so if you have some cash to spare,

contact us ASAP so you can invest it before the end of the tax year.

Tax Free Investments

If you have not invested in these most tax efficient investments or you have not contributed the R36 000 for the current tax year, contact us to top up. Read about tax free investments here.

Retirement annuity

This is also an opportunity for you to top up on your RA before the end of the tax year so you can benefit from the tax deduction. Read about how to enjoy a financially secure retirement here.

To make sure that you don’t miss the deadlines, please contact us!

Decreasing tax; Wooden blocks with “TAX” text of concept.

Advantages of Tax Free Investments

· No performance fees

· No Income tax, Dividend Withholding tax, Capital Gains Tax so all the growth goes to the investor

· They are suitable for medium to long-term e.g. school and varsity fees, topping up your pensions, etc…

Have you seen our #MoneyGoals2023 campaign? Enquire now!

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