Get A Life Cover That Gives You Big Money While You Are Alive

Finally it is here! Life cover that pays you a big chunk of your money while you are alive. Plus, they still pay the death cover amount to your family/ estate when you are gone. Some customers were truly ahead of their time because I have had potential customers who would say “I don’t want life cover, why should I pay for something that people will enjoy when I am gone?” So finally you will now have life cover that will pay some of your monthly premiums back while you’re still alive.

Key to note about the bonus:

It applies to life cover, retirement annuities and income protector quotes. The amount of the bonus you get is age and risk dependent. It is also influenced by the premium you currently pay and other considerations. The BIG amount pays at age 65 or 70. But you also get a portion of your premiums back every five years.

Given that we now generally live longer, this is awesome because you get the BIG amount when you are on pension, which is when you need it the most.

Contact ThuthukaSA if you would like to apply. If you already have life cover, we can request a quote to compare your existing life cover with this one and, you might end up paying lower premiums for more benefit.

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