Package Deal

Getting out of debt is a process and it requires that you also change some of your behaviours

As an example:

  • You might have to stop buying food on credit
  • You might have to cut your cards to prevent or stop yourself from impulsive buying
  • You might have to reduce your trips to the malls
  • You might have to cut up your clothing store accounts and buy your clothes cash
  • You might have to start an emergency fund so you don’t rely on a credit card for emergencies
  • You might have to put in place a school / varsity fee investment account so you don’t have to worry about fees
  • You might have to start budgeting, etc….

Changing behaviour is not easy and it takes time. If you want to get out of debt and ensure that you don’t relapse into debt and you work with ThuthukaSA to put you on a path for financial health then we recommend that you take our package deal

R3000 for 6 consultations of 30 minutes each. The R3000 is payable upfront. The consultation must be at least 4 weeks apart so that you have time to implement the recommendations at the end of each consultation